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Get the word out about your nihongo related study product, event, Japanese school or service to an intelligent, motivated, worldwide, internet-savvy market interested in Japanese language study and Japan.
Show Japanese learners that you are genuinely interested in supporting them by supporting's free Radio broadcast.
Become part of a truly unique 24/7 year-round study venue for students who choose to supplement their Japanese textbooks, flashcards, and other traditional study methods.
Reach those hard-to-reach nihongo "dabblers" who listen to for occasional review OR for language preparation just before visiting Japan.
Advertisers and sponsors are invited to add content to the email newsletter and broadcast news.
Who should advertise?
Japanese language schools, nihongo publishers, nihongo related groups, and anyone with something students of Japanese language may be interested in are encouraged to advertise. Also...since many of our listeners live in Japan (language teachers, company expatriates & their families, military personel, etc.) advertisers with something special to offer these listeners should also consider advertising.

Types Of Advertising

In-Stream Advertising

Submit a 20 to 32 second audio ad or 60 to 90 second advertorial for rotation in the 24-hour free Radio broadcast. If your audio advertisement is already prepared, email us telling us the advertising plan you have chosen (see table below) and attach your audio to the email (at least 64kpbs, 44.1kHz & under 16 MB). After we approve your ad, we'll add it to Radio broadcast within 2 business days of receipt of payment. We can also help make your audio ad or advertorial for you (see below).

E-mail submissions:

Hard copy submissions (CD's & DVD's), which may take longer to process, can be mailed to:
c/o, Ltd.
P.O. Box 195 Minato Post Office
Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0589

Content Sponsorship

Sponsoring existing content is the fastest easiest way to start advertising. We audio stamp your company name to the beginning and end of the ready-made study segment(s) that you choose for a specified period of time. Great for those who want to reach listeners but don't have or don't wish to make audio content.

For example, a Japan based travel agency catering to foreigners might want to sponsor any of our travel related word lists (like "At the Hotel"). We have hundeds of study segments and are continually making more to meet our listener requests. Any of the ready-made study segments can be sponsored by you.

To the beginning/end of each study segment we stamp:

"The following is / was presented by (your company name)"

The end is also stamped with:

"Visit (your company name)'s website at www.(your website).com"

Advertising Price Chart

In Stream Advertising
Plan 4 Kyu 3 Kyu 2 Kyu 1 Kyu Partner A La Carte
Banner Ad - -
Banner Ad
- 3rd/2nd Page 2nd Page Top
(2nd/3rd Page)
Audio Ad Length (max.) 24 sec. 28 sec. 32 sec. 36 sec. 36 sec. -
Daily/Monthly Minimum Frequencies 4 / 120 6 / 180 8 / 240 12 / 360 12 / 360 -
Audio Ad Placement Random Random Random Random Random -
Price / Month Free! 1 $125 $175 $250 Free! 2 -
Content Sponsorship Study Segments (4X/day, Random) $25/Segment/Mo.
News/Announcement Sponsorship (6X/day, Random) $100/Month
Advertorial (90 Seconds, 4X/day, Random) $100/Month
Audio Production
Advertorial Production ( use only) $125
Ad Production ( use only) $75
Ad / Advertorial Production (unlimited use) $250
Custom Study Segment Production Request Quote
1. Limited time only.
2. "Partner" must have significant audience and clearly prominently display the banner ad, text link and/or ad.

Let Us Help Make Your Ad can help get your written ad text made into an audio advertisement or longer advertorial you'll be proud of. Here's how:

  1. Choose the professional narrator for your audio ad.
  2. Choose an advertising plan (see table above).
  3. Email us telling us the name of the narrator and ad plan you want and the *EXACT* text you'd like to have recorded for your advertisement (enough text for a 20 to 30 second ad OR 90 second advertorial) along with any instructions for the narrator (tone of voice, level of seriousness/cheerfulness, etc.).
  4. Pay production costs (US$75 or US$125) PLUS your advertising plan costs. Paypal (please use ), bank transfer (Bank Name - Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Account Name - Yugen Gaisha, Account Number - 4470053, Branch - Yokohama, Account Type - Regular) or credit card OK.
  5. After we verify your payment and make your audio, 3 takes (versions) of your audio with background music will be sent to you as MP3's within 5 business days. Preview them, choose the one you want to use, and let us know.
  6. Your ad will begin to appear in broadcast soon after it is approved by you. created ads are for use exclusively on unless otherwise agreed.
Anyone read this far?
To celebrate the opening, we are offering free in-stream advertising for 1 month for the first 5 approved advertisers who submit pre-recorded audio ads and 5 approved content sponsors. If interested, submit your pre-recorded audio ad for audition to Content sponsors - let us know the specific study segments you are interested in sponsoring. If this note is still here....the offer is still open.

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