Sell Your Nihongo

Got nihongo? Use as your newest sales outlet for Japanese study audio. helps you get your own branded Japanese study segments onto nihongo students' iPods, computers and MP3 players around the world.

Who can sell?
Nihongo publishers, Japanese language schools, Japanese professors with high-quality audio are encouraged to submit. Additionally, qualified interpreters, translators, bilingual individuals and students who can submit accurate, high-quality, original, native-spoken English to native-spoken Japanese audio study content are also welcome to sell on Only copyright owners or authorized representatives please.
How much can I earn?
50% of each downloaded MP3 study segment is yours. MP3's in the MP3 Store are sold for betwen 79¢ to 99¢ (prices may change). The more you submit & the more well-known becomes, the more you can earn.
How do I get paid?
Payments are calculated quarterly and paid via Paypal. In some cases (in Japan) wire transfer is available.
What is a "study segment"?
Study segments are audio fragments between 4 to 6 minutes consisting of English to Japanese translated words or phrases. More specifically, study segments consist of target words or phrases presented once in native English followed by the native Japanese translation 2 times. Short silence is provided after the translated versions for reapeating mentally or orally.
Why should I sell my audio in's MP3 Store?
  • Get a new sales outlet for your Japanese audio
  • Turn old, underperfoming, or non-revenue generating Japanese study audio back into profits
  • Pump your company & product names out to listeners worldwide while adding to your revenue
  • Easily share your nihongo study content with the world

Your audio will display in audio players showing your company name, work name, study segment name:

  • Supplement your income continuously with little effort
  • Make an even bigger name for yourself & your department among students, worldwide listeners and in the nihongo industry
  • Generate money for department events
  • Use proceeds for new books, classroom materials, guest speakers, etc.
  • Save for a year end trip to Japan

  • Make a new continuous income stream for yourself
  • Get direct access to the newest nihongo marketplace without middlemen
  • Become known in the nihongo world

Audio players show your name and/or school name & study segment name in the player window:

How can I submit my Japanese audio?
Ready-to-sell study segments OR audio can be submitted. The closer to "study segment" format your audio is, the easier and faster we will be able to sell & broadcast it for you. Please model your study segment submssions on the samples currently broadcasting in the free Radio stream.

Please submit audio to For files over 16MB email us and we will send you upload instructions. Hard copy submissions (CD, MD, DVD, etc.) can be mailed to c/o, Ltd., P.O. Box 195, Minato Post Office, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0589, Japan.

How will my nihongo be used / sold?
First, your submitted audio is checked to make sure it matches our "study segment" requirements (below). If not, we can (try to) edit it. If accepted, study segments are branded with your company's name, product name, and website address for students & fans worldwide to hear.

Once ready, your branded study segments will be made available for sale in the MP3 Store and short portions of these study segments will play in's free 24-hour streaming radio broadcast. A "buy" button and the study segment's download price are displayed next to study segment names as they play in the Radio player window and are also simultaneously displayed on the homepage.

What format of audio should I submit?
Submisions can be either content from an exisiting work (for example - from a CD that accompanies a textbook) OR content specifically made for listeners. Submit at least 64 kbps, 44.1 kHz, mono files under 16 MB each. However, if you are unable to do this, submit in whatever format you have & we'll adjust it.
  • Requirements for Study Segment submissions:
    • Must be professionally or high-quality recorded
    • No hissing, popping, excess breathing, clicking or muffled audio
    • Translations must be accurate
    • Native (or VERY "fluent") speakers with no accents must be used
    • Should be in digital format (computer audio file, CD, MD or DVD)
    • Must be submitted by copyright owner or authorized representative
    • Study segments should not require supplemental material
How will my submitted audio be edited?
Un-edited study segment audio will be cut, arranged and resampled into proper study segment format. All study segments broadcasted and sold on will be introduced with their creator's name or company name and will be followed by the product name, creator or company name again and where it can be purchased or otherwise heard:

"The following is presented by (creator's name)"
"The following study segment was presented by (creator's name) from (product name) and is available at (purchase location/website address)"

By submitting content to you are agreeing to allow to edit your audio into study segment formatted files which are for use *exclusively* on Radio's streaming broadcast and for sale in the MP3 Store.

Who owns the study segments edited by
They are co-owned by the creator and for exclusive use on Any additional use of these study segments must first be agreed upon by and the creator.

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